with Allie Alberigo and Duane Brumitt with Allie Alberigo and Duane Brumitt

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222. Coffee & Tea Time Chat!
October 09, 2019

Listen in as Allie & Duane share their insight on the day to day “STUFF”

An Interview With Mel Abraham – Episode #221
September 30, 2019

Listen as Allie and Duane interview the famous Mel Abraham. Get ready to take a lot of notes.

Pros & Cons of Being Affiliated with an “Organization” vs. Being a Private Entity! – Episode #220
September 11, 2019

Listen as Allie, Duane and some other school owners on Facebook LIVE share their thoughts on this important topic!

What Is Your Time Worth? – Episode #219
September 04, 2019

Join Allie and Duane as they discuss the worth of a martial arts school owners time!

What Makes You Different? Why your school is the go to school for… (insert your differentiator) – Episode #218
August 28, 2019

id you ever wonder who your competition was? Most think other Karate Schools/Martial Art Schools. The savvy business consultants and martial art organizations, say, NO, NO, it is all sports and other activities, the Gym, Baseball, Football,

Traditional or Traditionalist? – Episode #217
August 21, 2019

Listen to Allie and Duane as they talk about one of the scariest things in our industry. The loss of the “Traditional Martial Art School.” Now, many people may have many different interpretations about what the word “Tradition Means.”

Back-To-School Marketing – Episode #216
August 07, 2019

Listen as Allie & Duane share some ideas on back to school marketing for this year!

Facebook Marketing With Gus Lopez Of Lead Hunter Media – Episode #215
July 10, 2019

Listen in as Allie and Duane interview Gus Lopez of Lead Hunter Media about Facebook Marketing. Got questions for Gus? Would you like to get a FREE call with him to see if he can help you? Visit: www.LeadHunterMedia.

What Business Are You Really In?
June 26, 2019

Listen in as Duane reveals what business he believes we as martial arts school owners are really in.

Making the Tough Decisions – Episode #213
June 19, 2019

Listen as Allie and Duane discus the tough decisions they and their clients have had to make. Navigating these decisions alone can be tough.