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Schizophrenic Music

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Ep. 332 - Tuesday Triple Play (Vol. 140)
March 01, 2022

For this week's #TuesdayTriplePlay, Kevin spotlights three artists who are nominated for Best Emerging Artist Album at this years Blues Music Awards.Memphissippi Sounds Welcome To The Land (2021)Sample Track: Whos Gonna RideGabe Stillman Just Say

Ep. 331 - I'm Not Too Old For Concerts & I'm Totally Cool Going Alone!
February 25, 2022

This week we take inspiration from a recent discussion on our Facebook Group. There seems to be a perception that as we get older, we're less likely to attend live shows. In fact, some people simply stop going to concerts once they reach a certain age.

Ep. 330 - Tuesday Triple Play (Vol. 139)
February 22, 2022

For this week's #TuesdayTriplePlay, Craig spotlights 3 progressive metal bands, varying in approach from instrumental doom to avante-garde & post-metal. Pelican Nighttime Stories (2019)Sample Track: Midnight And MescalineIntronaut Fluid Existen

Ep. 329 - The Rams Won & So Did Hip-Hop!
February 18, 2022

Hip-hop took center stage last Sunday night and ushered in a new era of sorts. It's hard to believe it took this long when really you think about it. While the reviews were largely favorable, and we agree with the majority, not everyone liked what they

Ep. 328 - Tuesday Triple Play (Vol. 138)
February 15, 2022

For this week's #TuesdayTriplePlay, Kevin spotlights three new releases from veteran artists. Todays mix incorporates adult alternative, blues, and progressive metal.Jann Arden Descendant (2022)Sample Track: UnbreakableTinsley Ellis Devil May Care

Ep. 327 - Compartmentalizing Music, Influence vs Impact & More
February 11, 2022

There seems to be an insatiable need for people to compartmentalize music and it doesn't stop at genres either. Does the date of an album's release really matter in the grand scheme of things? And is there a difference between influence and impact? The

Ep. 326 - Tuesday Triple Play (Vol. 137)
February 08, 2022

Craig offers up another varied mix for this week's #TuesdayTriplePlay, spotlighting 3 newly released albums. Todays mix incorporates some instrumental funk, rhythm & blues revival, & southern gothic folk.Purple Funk Metropolis The Golden Goose

Ep. 325 - Comfort Zones Continued & More
February 04, 2022

Today we dive a little deeper into musical comfort zones and chat about recent events where we stepped outside of ours. As usual, the conversation takes a bit of a turn from there, as we explore live performances that surprised us as well as the dynamic

Ep. 324 - Tuesday Triple Play (Vol. 136)
February 01, 2022

For this week's #TuesdayTriplePlay, Kevin spotlights a recent release, a re-release from the 70s and an artist he discovered a couple of years ago. Todays mix incorporates Americana, folk, singer-songwriter.SUSTO Time in the Sun (2021)Sample Track:

Ep. 323 - Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone
January 28, 2022

Comfort zones can be found in so many facets of our lives. From the food we eat to the movies we watch, much of what we take in resides in our own personal comfort zones. Music is certainly no exception, especially with such a wide variety of options av