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The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CI: Drug-Induced Horror!
July 05, 2020

If you want to dive into the essence of darkness, enter the psychedelic realm of narcotic horror. To guide us through this trippy maze is our friend, and star of the silver screen and comic author, David Dastmalchian,

The Scariest Things Podcast Episode C : The Horror Movie Championship Tournament LIVE run through!
June 23, 2020

It's hard to believe, but we made it! The Scariest Things turned 100 episodes old, and we had some of our Patreon pals and horror media associates to celebrate with us by picking through our Horror Movie Championship Tournament,

The Scariest Things Podcast: Episode XCIX: Technological Horror
June 11, 2020

Do you ever feel like you are being monitored? That your communication device of choice is actively working against you? That the soulless automatons of industry are going to rise up and crush you? Well, we do!

The Scariest Things Podcast Episode LCXVIII: Ranking the Films in Our Favorite Franchises
May 29, 2020

By popular demand, The Scariest Crew is breaking down some franchise horror. We decided to pick three series each and rank the movies within the series. We'll be doing this again because we had so much fun comparing and contrasting the films,

The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XCVII: Exploring Horror Anthologies
May 18, 2020

Anthology horror is the traditional extension of gathering around and telling each other scary stories. They hearken back to the oldest root forms of scary storytelling. Come, gather 'round, and the Scariest Things will tuck you in and tell you all yo...

The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XCVI: Horror Down Under!
May 03, 2020

G'day! Grab yourselves a coldie (beer) from the pesky (ice chest), and get ready for some true blue Oz and Kiwi horror films. Listen in to The Scariest Things talk some Southern hemisphere horror.

The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XCV: Holy Horror!
April 23, 2020

As we exit Easter and enter Ramadan, it's a good time to explore the relationship between horror movies and religion. Whether you like your horror featuring sweaty preachers or ancient prophecies, we scour the archives for some great holy horror nugge...

The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XCIV: The Thingy Awards!
April 10, 2020

The ballots have been totaled and the winners can be declared! It is now time to celebrate the best horror movies from 2019. The Scariest Things 2020 Thingy awards are being announced right here, on Episode 94. Strike up the orchestra! Cue the lights!

The Scariest Things Podcast: Episode XCIII: Terror at Six Feet A.K.A. Pandemic Horror
April 01, 2020

This is, shall we say, the horror trope of the moment. As we all sit at home and pick what we want to watch streaming from the comfort of our living rooms, a lot of us have been fascinated with the horror that is contagious.

The Scariest Things Podcast: Episode 92 : Sexy Horror
March 22, 2020

Hey baby. How ya doin? Why don't you come sit a little closer? Wait! That's close enough. Six feet please. Yeahhhh, good, that's better. Ok, relax, it's time to Netflix (or Shudder) and Chill to the erotic side of the horror genre.