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Scale Model Podcast

The Scale Model Podcast - EP 139 - A Slice of Frank

May 04, 2024


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Dedicated to James from JMC, get better soon.

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Frank went to AMPS and got concussed.




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Trumpeter June announcements

Tamiya Upcoming releases

Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer Prague May 1945 in 1/35th scale from Snowman Model

MiniArt's 35th scale M3 Stuart "Early Production" with a full interior

Sd.Kfz. 234/2 "Puma" full interior kit from MiniArt 1/35th scale

A new 16th scale Sherman from I love Kit

Australian Army M113A1 LRV 1/35

Special Hobby is working on a Baltimore Bomber in 1/48

FlyHawk 1/350 USS Cowpens CG-63 coming in July

1/350 PLAN Type054B Frigate from Magic Factory.

Hurricane Mk.IIb trop from Arma in 1/48

Hasegawa - 1/72 Queadluun-Rau Max use (Movie Version)

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Stuart - Work continues on the CF-15 what if. Hasegawa does the engine nozzles as five separate parts each. I have lost one to the floor monster so I will be looking for either 3d print or after-market replacements.


Geoff - continuing on getting the Martin Mars and the NASA shuttle carrier aircraft and shuttle in 1/144 ready for paint. Ordered decals for the 747 from Drawdecal and the shuttle from Lake County Spaceport.


Terry - Some progress on my open projects, I’ll get the landing gear on the P-47 and do some minor weathering before dullcoating, then I’ll probably mostly use pastels for further weathering. I just want the Regult off my bench. I need to get the decals on that.

Frank - Mirror Models Komsomolets T-20 Tractor - started this last week and the interior tub was painted tonight - engine, etc. I made some cloth-looking seat pads as per reference images. Also painted a 1/72 ICM BM-24-12 kit, I picked up 4 at AMPS, got a new Grad but got 3 from the mid-90s. It looks okay…the rocket bed is rough and i’d recommend scratch if you want it to sing

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Stuart - Clear Thinking: Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results by Shane Parrish

Slow Productivity: The Lost Art of Accomplishment Without Burnout by Cal Newport

Geoff - “The Better Angels of Our Nature” by Steven Pinker. Good, factual survey of history establishes that despite what some people seem to think, violence in the West is at a historic low point.

Also “Spies in the Sky” by Taylor Downing - a history of aerial intelligence in WW2.

Terry - Finished Madeleine Murray’s Song of Achilles. It’s brilliant. She really brings the Greek characters to life, all these legendary names. I started to wonder how she would finish the story, since the narrator Patroclus must die before Achilles. The end will bring you to tears. What next? The 18th volume of That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, so that’s a background read. I have some nonfiction to choose from.

Frank - Reading Book 2 of the Theodore Roosevelt bio by Edmund Morris - Theodore Rex and picked up Israel - A History by Martin Gilbert



Seans Custom Model Tools



Build Guide Pt II: URAL-4320.

JPL reestablishes contact with Voyager! The RTGs will die in a few years, but the sturdy probe is again sending data.

There’s a FB group called Historical Space Models, I have a number of friends in there - have a look. (I can’t figure out how to grab a link via the iPad)



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