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Scale Model Podcast

The Scale Model Podcast - EP 135 - Return of the Carpet Monster

February 24, 2024


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KCCON 2024

March 9th

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Terry got some great feedback about tips when modelling on the road.

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Terry correction: last episode I mentioned Macross started in the late 80s. The series storyline begins in 1999 when the alien ship crashed on Earth, and the first episode is ten years later, when the Zendradi show up.



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Stuart - YF-21 painted up. Decals are going on. Looking really good now. Going to be called the CF-21 Peregrine.

Moosaroo Cup needs to have pictures done this week.


Geoff - Wayward Zeppelin LZ77 is cruising above an uncharted tropical volcanic island near Iceland after being blown WAY off course during a raid in 1916. Harassed by Pteradons, their accompanying (don’t ask how they got there!) Fokker DR1 Triplanes cannot protect the doomed ship! Dinos and DR1’s are coming this week from fellow club modeller Ron, but it’s really coming along nicely - even with the required PE work!


Terry - Not a lot of time while I was traveling for business, at our plant so just a single hotel but still, not a ton of time. Big dinners are awful. On the plus side the Steam Deck is great for travel time. I did get some work done on a few projects, the P-47H is coming along, and I brought the 1/48 Jeep which comes with the Tamiya P-47M kit to the club meeting which was fun to work on. Getting the paint touched up a bit on the Regult so I can mask off grey areas.




Stuart - The Year Without Summer:1816 and the Volcano That Darkened the World and Changed History

Geoff - Mostly online stuff about Zeppelins…. And plowing through a collection of Scale Model magazines going back to the 1970’s!

Terry - Started reading Anna Ploszajski’s Handmade: A Scientist’s Search for Meaning. She is a materials scientist who has chosen a number of materials and objects to describe while making things in workshops, like iron, glass, plastic, brass etc. Very interesting and I’ve been interested in materials science

I started reading the graphic novel omnibus of Fritz Lieber’s Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, which I think I signed up for via Kickstarter? This is a major influence on fantasy to come - like Elric etc.



Seans Custom Model Tools



Kitmasx, is a guy making masks for various aircraft and vehicles - window masks, markings and more.


Erin Lantz did a great job on a Nissan Fairlady and took plenty of pictures in progress. He took gold last weekend.



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