Scalar Health W/ Tom Paladino Podcast

Scalar Health W/ Tom Paladino Podcast

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Scalar Light & Improving the Human Condition
December 05, 2019

Interview with Tom Paladino from on Earth Energy Forecast show, airdate 7/30/2019. Tom tells us how scalar light can improve the health of everyone on the planet and provide free clean energy. He offers a free 15 day trial on his website,

Tell Me Your Story - New Paradigms for a New World Interview with Tom Paladino
December 02, 2019

Richard Dugan interviews Tom Paladino on his Scalar Light Energy and show how this is a New Paradigm for the world.

Tom Paladino on the The Josh Lane Show
November 03, 2019

This short video is about how Scalar Light appears to be having a positive effect on the destruction of germs.  Many are claiming improved health and freedom from pathogenic illness.

Healing With Scalar on The Tony DUrso Show with Tom Paladino
November 01, 2019

Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher with 25+ years of experience in helping people with overall health recovery from pathogenic infections and problematic health symptoms. Tom‘s research and work with scalar energy began during his undergraduate y

Latest Episode: Healing Lyme Testimony
March 25, 2019

Here is in our latest episode, we discover the amazing Healing of Lyme with Scalar Light Energy

Paula Shaw Interview: Healing From Herpes with Tom Paladino
March 18, 2019

If you’re seeking for more clarity, inspiration, motivation, and you’re ready to shed your fear of change tune in to “Change It Up with Paula Shaw” on The Answer San Diego, the legendary KCBQ. If you can’t make the radio show check out the podcast. Change

Judy Anderson Interview: Healing Humanity with Bio Energetics
March 18, 2019

 In this interview Tom Paladino speaks about how the information received within our body's OWN energy field is what the definition of epigenetics truly is.   Learn how by modulating the body's own energy field so that the message your DNA

Tom Paladino is LIVE on HVMAN Podcast - A Radio documentary for our times
January 30, 2019

Today we are talking Tom Paladino, a scientist who has decided to dedicate his life to healing others with Scalar Energy. One of his greatest influences growing up was Nikola Tesla. For those who have never heard of Nikola Tesla, he was a Serbian-Am