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Answering YOUR questions on being a MALE in the Church
June 13, 2024

We recently asked our audience on Instagram for questions they had about being a male in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this episode, Brett, Wilson, and David respond to the audience-submitted questions!

Can scripture be allegory and still be true??
June 11, 2024

Today we explore a well-debated question: Can scriptures be allegory and still hold truth? We explore different perspectives on religious texts, examining the balance between literal interpretations and allegorical meanings. We discuss how stories and par

June 06, 2024

The time has come for Saints Unscripted to go through a break up... but don't worry, the OG Saints Unscripted content isn't going ANYWHERE! Keep following Saints Unscripted to see your favorite discussion videos on the doctrine, policies, and prac

Witchcraft to Islam to Latter-day Saint! | with Ryan
June 05, 2024

RYAN MERCER, FRIENDS!! If you've ever been in the comment section on any of our videos, you have seen Ryan's name because he is our MOST FAITHFUL follower. Everyone at Saints Unscripted loves Ryan (you love him too, fellow YouTuber). And we had no

Hollywood actress joins the LDS Church!! | with Dana and Kyle
June 05, 2024

Dana Kimmell joined the church as a Hollywood actress and was immediately faced with tough decisions that would impact her career forever. Because of Danas example of dedication and devotion, generations have been blessed. Kyle is the son of Dana and is

Discrimination from church leaders?? | with Brothaz in the Foyer
June 04, 2024

Maurice and Krispin from Brothaz in the Foyer join us today to discuss how they have reconciled with negative experiences they have had in the church. They talk about being raised by single mothers and the negative experiences they had from leaders and pr

Integrating religion into daily life | with Brothaz in the Foyer
June 04, 2024

Brothaz in the Foyer are back with Isiah and Christian as they discuss how to balance faith with all the other obligations in their life. In today's fast-paced world, finding a balance between faith, religion, and our numerous life obligations can b

How RACE has impacted our FAITH | with Brothaz in the Foyer
June 04, 2024

Brothaz in the Foyer members Raymond and Will join us to share their thoughts on race has impacted their faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. They share stories and examples from their own life and talk about the importance of their faith. 0:00 - Introd

After I learned the truth, I couldn't go back | with Brothaz in the Foyer (pt 1)
June 04, 2024

We are elated to be joined by Brothaz in the Foyer! In this episode, we get to hear from Andrew Smith and Isaiah Gray as they share the beginnings of their project, choosing to be members of the church, and maintaining their testimonies of the gospel of J

Baptized in 24 days?! | With Chantel
June 03, 2024

Chantel shares her story of wanting to go back to church, doing some research, finding lots of negative things about the Church of Jesus Christ, and then meeting with the missionaries of the church. She was baptized in just 24 days! Thanks for sharing you