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SAGES Stories

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SAGES Stories Ep. 24 – The SINC Episode
May 08, 2024

In episode 24 we talk to Drs. Pryor, Schwaitzberg, and Schlachta about the SAGES Investment Network and SAGES Ingenuity.

SAGES Stories Episode 22 – Christopher Schlachta, MD
March 27, 2024

In episode 22 we talk to Dr. Schlachta about innovation in surgery, getting involved in laparoscopy, the SAGES Investment Network and SAGES Ingenuity.

SAGES Stories Episode 21 – Dana Telem, MD
February 19, 2024

In episode 21 we talk to Dr. Telem about Fall weather, evolutionary biology as a gateway to surgery, developing skin by being from Philadelphia, and creating an academic surgical career for oneself.

SAGES Stories Episode 20 – Steve Schwaitzberg, MD
November 30, 2023

In episode 20 we talk to Dr. Schwaitzberg about socks, bingo, innovation, bad strategies for applying to med school, Club Med(?), plus current investment and innovation opportunities.

SAGES Stories Episode 19 – KMarie King, MD
September 27, 2023

In episode 19 we talk to Dr. King about learning to lead, the Glass Cliff, The Wallflowers (for some reason), belonging, advocacy, and implementing technology and more!

SAGES Stories Episode 18 – Ross F. Goldberg, MD
August 01, 2023

In episode 18 we talk to Dr. Goldberg about his early years as a stage thespian, later years as a surgeon, Cleveland (of course), and much more.

SAGES Stories Episode 17 – Nathaniel Soper, MD
June 20, 2023

In episode 17 we talk to Dr. Soper about the wild-west early days of MIS, surgeons with frickin laser beams, and why SAGES is the best society ever.

SAGES Stories Episode 16 – Shaneeta Johnson, MD
April 28, 2023

In episode 15 we talk to Dr. Johnson about Cleveland (why?), global surgery volunteerism, how to implement DEI correctly, offsetting surgery's carbon footprint, and more.

SAGES Stories Episode 15 – Mary Hawn, MD
March 07, 2023

In episode 15 we talk to Dr. Mary Hawn about the American Board of Surgery, challenges facing surgeons today, and Vizslas.

SAGES Stories Episode 14 – Bruce Schirmer, MD
January 29, 2023

In episode 14 we talk to Dr. Bruce Schirmer about HPB and the early partnerships between SAGES and the AHPBA, the early days of laparoscopy and endoscopy as he experienced them, and one of the most unfortunate/infamous SAGES Stories of all time.