The Bull and Bear Show

The Bull and Bear Show

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Social Security survivor benefits 101
June 08, 2024

During this show, well discuss Social Security survivor benefits and your ideal filing age.

Retirement Success On Every Horizon
June 01, 2024

During this show, well highlight short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial horizons and how to utilize each of them.

Retirement Expenses Are Waiting. Are You Ready?
May 11, 2024

During this episode, well highlight common retirement expenses that many people dont adequately prepare for. Well also discuss wealth plans.

The Silver Tsunami
May 04, 2024

During this episode, were going to discuss the silver tsunami the millions of baby boomers who will be retiring now through 2027 and what they can do to better prepare.

What To Do If You’re Named An Executor
April 20, 2024

During this episode, well discuss some of the things you should do if you become the executor of an estate.

The Long and Winding Financial Road
April 13, 2024

In this episode Michael gives us the story of his own personal and financial journey with it's valuable lessons to help all of us on the road to financial freedom.

Get Ready For Rainy Days
March 30, 2024

During this show, were going to discuss essential steps that can provide rainy day financial protection.

The 3 Essential Phases of Retirement Planning
March 23, 2024

During this show, well discuss retirement steps to take when youre 10 years, five years, and one year from retirement.

Preparing for RMDs
March 16, 2024

On this episode, we break down some of the most important things about RMDs as well as what IRA beneficiaries should be aware of when it comes to them.

What the New Generation Retirement System Can Do For You
March 09, 2024

During this show, were going to break down the New Generation Retirement system and how it can provide value and guidance on the road to retirement.