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SC-004 Companies need e-Learning tools now more than ever due to COVID-19
April 20, 2020

Platform to train customer service What the training industry needs to do to tackle issues related to covid19 and their ability to dispense information Go from face to face meetings to digital training E-learning is cheaper than traditional training me

SC-003 FounderGround - Meet Alex Malureanu, co-founder of LIVRESQ
March 30, 2020

In today's episode, we get to meet Alex Malureanu, cofounder of LIVRESQ and learn more about how their e-learning authoring tool has been able to impact education and businesses around the world.

SC-002 Eliminate miscommunication in your business using Archbee
March 29, 2020

Learn how to leverage off documentation to resolve miscommunication in your business

SC-001 : FounderGround - Meet the Founder of Archbee, Dragos Bulugean
March 25, 2020

DOCUMENT EVERYTHING FOR YOUR TEAM Neatly Organize Your Team Wiki and Knowledgebase in One Place! Join us as we meet the founder of Archbee and learn about why documentation is important for all businesses