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Episode 49: The Anchor In The Athlete
March 04, 2023

Truly I tell you, this is a marvelous treat to introduce this week's guest! We have the awesome, persevering, humble, and smart Atlee Simon hanging out with us on the Russ Rantz Podcast. Atlee has had a fun, tough, crazy, and storied journey through colle

Episode 48: I Forgot How To Draw (Guest: Raymond Bergin)
February 15, 2023

Have you ever forgotten about a hobby? No, seriously, have you ever forgotten about something that long ago, or even recently, you fell in love with that just gave you innocent, powerful, internal joy? I mean, just recently my 7-year-old son showed me thi

Episode 47: Capacity
May 09, 2022

It's ironic, but shortly after regarding this episode on watching your "fuel gauge" or "capacity," I actually left the stream early. That kills me, but it just comes to show that you can have the BEST of intentions, and still burn out in the end if you do

Episode 46: W Key
April 30, 2022

Do you know what "W Key" means? Did you know that it's gamer lingo for "full speed ahead!"? It's a term used for hyper-aggressive players who only ever try to push forward, regardless of the risks and low chances of success. The funniest thing is, it's no

Episode 45: Beat The Mind Math
April 25, 2022

Hey guess what? You, like me, may be accidentally forfeiting the notion of a great or fun hobby, challenge, or life choice because we do "Mind Math" in advance that dissuades us. Hey, guess what? That doesn't HAVE to be the case.  Mind math is an inn

Episode 44: It Takes A Village...
April 16, 2022

Do you remember the dark side of the pandemic days? You know, the extreme isolation? The lack of in-person connection and community? today's episode, Russ re-visits some of his own days during that season, and what that showed him about his "vil

Episode 43: Grateful But Not Content
April 09, 2022

What does enrichment even mean? Is it valuable, powerful, relevant, worthwhile? On my end...I haven't hit it, and that concerns me. The other day someone asked me what I "enjoy" doing, and none of my answers could be produced without leading me to explain

Episode 42: What Does Will Smith Want In The End? What Do I Want In The End?
April 02, 2022

Ya ya, I'm sorry gang, but Will Smith JUST resigned from the academy, and we're all still processing his infamous slap of Chris Rock since last week's awards...It's tough because I think a lot of us have been in Will's shoes, and though his response is

Episode 41: Unique-Less Unique
March 26, 2022

Holy mochachino WE ARE BACKKKK!! Hello hello it is so good to be back in front of your ear-holes with a brand new, BRAND NEWWWW release, re-launch, re-vamp version of the Russ Rantz Podcast (man does that feel weird to say!).  We've had some time aw

Episode 40: My Conondrum
May 24, 2021

Hey Everyone! Yup it's been quite some time since we last touched base! I'm afraid this return episode is a bit anti-climactic, but I will say that it's an important one. The truth is, I need your help. I have a bit of an inner conflict going on rig