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RHV 25: Better Health through Better Education
October 18, 2019

Can improved high school graduation rates lead to better health in a community?  Shani Gaylord and Jasmine Smith from the Virginia Department of Health’s Youth Health Equity Leadership Institute joined the Rural Health Voice to talk about how YHELI is ...

RHV 24: Community Health
October 07, 2019

Can community organizations have a role in addressing health issues for a community?  Ashley Reynolds Marshall joined me to discuss how the YWCA of Central Virginia is doing exactly that. - If you want to be part of the conversation,

RHV 23: What does “rural” mean?
September 20, 2019

What comes to your mind when some one says “rural?”  What does “rural” mean to you?  Dr. Laura Hunt Trull, Social Worker and Assistant Professor at James Madison University shared her thoughts on the way we talk about rural and how we can change the na...

RHV 22: Cradle to Career
September 06, 2019

What do communities need to attract employers? And what does that have to do with health?  Travis Staton, President and Chief Executive Officer of United Way of Southwest Virginia discusses their method of improving health in the region through a Cradl...

RHV 21: Workforce
August 16, 2019

What help is available for someone who wants to be a healthcare provider in rural Virginia?  Olivette Burroughs, Health workforce specialist with the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Health Equity joined me to provide information on the variety...

RHV 20: National Policy
August 02, 2019

Do lawmakers in DC want to hear from people at the local level?  Brock Slabach, Vice President of Member Services at the National Rural Health Association joined me to talk about effective ways to communicate with your member of Congress,

RHV 19: Rural Residency
July 19, 2019

What happens after someone finishes medical school?  Dr. Maurice Nida, Designated Institutional Officer at Lonesome Pine Hospital Family Practice joined me to discuss how training in rural communities means learning to do more for your patients. -

RHV: 18 US Census
July 05, 2019

What can you do to make sure tax dollars and other resources are allocated to your community?  Join my conversation with Dr. Carah Ong Whaley, Associate Director at the James Madison University Center for Civic Engagement.

RHV 17: Peer Recovery Services
May 17, 2019

  What’s the opposite of addiction? Jason Prichard, Community and Coalition Engagement Specialist for Ballad Health discussed how people recovering from addiction can be successful.  Read his full recovery testimony.

RHV 17: Peer Recovery Services
May 17, 2019

Guest: Jason Prichard