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RHV 53: The History of Conspiracies
March 05, 2021

What does the Black Death in the 1300s have to do with how we react to COVID today?  Historian Don Leech joined me to discuss The History of Conspiracies. - Don is a contributing author for the book Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories.

RHV 52: Telehealth
February 22, 2021

How can technology improve healthcare access?  Donna Dittman Hale, Executive Director of the Bay Rivers Telehealth Alliance joined The Rural Health Voice to discuss plugging into telehealth. - Ms. Hale was one of the speakers at the recent Rural Healt...

RHV 51: Racism as a Public Health Crisis
February 05, 2021

How does racism contribute to poor health outcomes?  Dr. Kevin Harris from Virginia Commonwealth University joined me to discuss health inequities. - Dr. Harris was one of the speakers at our recent Rural Health Voice conference.

RHV 50: A View from the Hill
January 24, 2021

How will the recent changes in Congress and the Presidency impact rural healthcare?  Alan Morgan, CEO of the National Rural Health Association joined the Rural Health Voice to discuss his view of Capitol Hill.

RHV: 49 The Future of Rural Health in Virginia
January 08, 2021

What’s going on at the Virginia Department of Health to make improvements in our rural communities?  Dr. Norm Oliver, State Health Commissioner, Virginia Department of Health joined me to discuss the Virginia State Rural Health Plan. -

RHV 48: Payment Inequities
December 18, 2020

How does the way hospitals get paid reinforce healthcare disparities?  Dr. Amol Navathe joined RHV to discuss the need for payment reform and how the current system enables problems. - Dr. Navathe's editorial: https://www.nytimes.

RHV 47: Anti-Vaxx
December 05, 2020

Why do some people have big concerns about vaccinations?  Anna Muldon joined RHV to discuss the anti-vaxx movement and its implications for addressing COVID.  Anna is a contributing author to the book Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories, due out soon.

RHV 46: Food Sovereignty
November 20, 2020

Why don’t we grow more of our own food?  Amyrose Foll, Founder of the Virginia Free Farm joined the Rural Health Voice to discuss how they are assuring that Virginian’s have access to healthy food. - More information: RVA Agriculture

RHV 45: What the Heck is an AHEC?
November 06, 2020

What the heck is an AHEC?  Aileen Edwards Harris, Executive Director of the Capital Area Health Education Center gives us the answer. - If you want to be part of the conversation about rural health, check out the Rural Health Voice Conference. -

RHV 44: COVID Conspiracies & African American Communities
October 17, 2020

Are conspiracies about COVID fact or fiction?  Ashley Reynolds Marshall, Executive Director, YWCA of Central Virginia joined me to discuss how mistrust of public health initiatives is sometimes well-earned.