Running Around Charlotte

Running Around Charlotte

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Jimmy Coleman
April 25, 2024

We talk a lot here on the program about giving your miles meaning and we talk to a LOT of runners who do just that. - Jimmy Coleman is one of those runners. He tackled a 50-mile route that took him

Phil Reed, Charlotte Runners United
April 18, 2024

One of the MANY things we love about running around Charlotte, is that you dont have to look too far to find someone wholl join you. There seems to be a run club or meet-up every day of the week, in

Rebeca Ehrnrooth, CRC plogging event
April 11, 2024

One of the things we LOVE about running around Charlotte is how clean the city is. Bring someone in from out of town, and its generally one of the things they notice. That, and how many people seem t

Jeffrey Hudnall, NHCM finisher; BQ, too
April 04, 2024

As weve said before on the program, for every runner joining us at the start of the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon theres a backstory they carry along with them. Our guest today on The Running Ar

Taylor Christie, NHCM ½ Marathon Finisher
March 28, 2024

As we have said many times on this program, for every one of the THOUSANDS who run with us at the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon there are thousands of reasons why. - Taylor Christie is one of t

Jay Holder, Running USA
March 21, 2024

Our next guest on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast is a name some OG Charlotte runners may remember. Quite honestly, were surprised were just now getting him on the program! - Jay Holder is the

Stephanie “Pezz” Pezzullo, Coach and Elite Athlete
March 14, 2024

Maybe youve seen our next guest running around Charlotte if you have, she was probably a blur, anyway. Stephanie Pezz Pezzullo is fast. Like, Olympic Trials fast. And she wants to help you be fast

Bill Johnston, Recover Brands
March 07, 2024

In case you missed the big news, Run Charlotte and Recover Brands are teaming-up starting this year provide runners with event tees, official merchandise, and more with less of an environmental impa

Jurgen Buchenau, NHCM finisher
February 29, 2024

As we have said and heard many times on this program, EVERYONE has their reason to run. - We checked in with this years Novant Health Charlotte Marathon participants and asked them why THEY run

Cort Peavy, NHCM finisher
February 22, 2024

Motivation takes many forms, especially for runners. Whether were trying to get faster, or just get off the couch, or somewhere in between, theres some place for every kind of runner. Our next guest