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EP. 17 Jersey Boys
May 08, 2019

Whats up #RTCNATION! We've hit our wits end this season, and we end it with a Wildcard Episode we call Jersey Boys, we;'re not giving anything else away take a listen enjoy we're in fine form! thanks again for all your listens and support! ENJOY THE...

EP. 16 Steph and Reg
May 01, 2019

What is up #RTCNATION!! With Mel not in attendance for the 2nd week, the boys of the #RTC were left to their own devices again and oh boy was it a hell of a time. This Week in Episode SWEET 16 Azam and Rav get into a debate that will forever be... S...

EP. 15 Just Business
April 23, 2019

Welcome back to the Run the Clock Podcast Episode 15 Just Business -- we really really wanted to do a tribute to the truest #15 to ever play the one and only Vincent Lamar Carter - BUT we were without our partner in crime Mel this week and the episo...

EP. 14 Bad Boys
April 16, 2019

What's Up #RTCNATION, your #big3 are back as their unabashful selves this week with EPISODE 14: BAD BOYS. We recorded this one right before Tiger won his 15th and most historic masters and we couldnt help but to put it out mostly because of Mel's ho...

EP. 13 Hot N' Bothered
April 10, 2019

Welcome back to Run The Clock Podcast! We are so glad to be back and so sorry we missed y'all last week! You #big3 is back with a vengeance!  It’s Playoff SZN #RTCNATION! WINTER IS COMING! (sorry wrong show, lol) but we knew we had to come at y...

EP. 12 Love & Basketball
March 27, 2019

Welcome to Run the Clock Episode 12. This week we dive in to the age old question of should the hardworking, dedicated athletes of NCAA get some cheddar for their talents and all that they bring to the million-dollar, money making machine of college...

EP. 11 Who Ya got?
March 20, 2019

WHATS UP #RTCNATION! Episode 11 is here and as per usual your big 3 are unchained. This week we turn the notion of MVP on its head as Mel and Rav give an entire new meaning to the term Most Valuable Player and in true 'DX' fashion we let everyone kn...

EP. 10 Passing of the Torch
March 13, 2019

WHATS POPPIN' #RTCNATION!!! Welcome back to this week’s episode of Run the Clock Podcast – this is a big one for us guys! We are truly excited and proud to be bringing you Episode 10! Our biggest and best episode yet. We talk 3 guys who not only thi...

EP. 9 The 2nd Act
March 06, 2019

What is up #RTCNATION - once again your big 3 are coming at you with the hottest and freshest takes on what is going on in the World of Sports as well as filling you in as to the non-sense that is in our heads.  We get deep on the Post-No-trade...

EP. 8 A lil' Blue Jays Talk
February 27, 2019

Hello #RTCNATION,Welcome back to Run The Clock Podcast Episode 8! Here we get into a little Spring Training, where we discuss the Prodigal Son Vlad Jr. and the future of Blue Jays baseball in 2019.  We also get into the mean mugging from Height...