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Wise Rhino’s Dick Darian on Opportunities and Threats in DC Plans
March 16, 2022

While RPAs and wealth managers have long been considered separate practices, retirement planning advisors are turning to wealth management in search of new clients while expanding their own expertise

Ascensus CEO David Musto on Acquisitions and Purposeful Tech
February 22, 2022

DC record keeper consolidation is heating up affecting almost every RPA who now must decide which providers will prevail in a highly competitive market. Here from Ascensus CEO David Musto about their

Voya Financial’s Charlie Nelson on Optimizing Financial Planning
February 08, 2022

Automation through technology has paved the way for efficient and optimal financial planning and comprehension for financial advisors and their clients. In this inaugural episode, Fred Barstein, contr

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February 03, 2022