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Row by Row Garden Show

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Row by Row Episode 62: Bet You Didn’t Know Cover Crops Could Do This!
July 22, 2019

Question & Answers Segment On this week’s episode, the guys answer viewer questions about a couple of different cover crops grown in the vegetable garden. The first question is trying to determine if growing Austrian Pea for the honeybee population in...

Row by Row Episode 61: Using Silage Tarps to Make Beautiful Garden Soil!
July 12, 2019

Occultation vs. Solarization Occultation basically means blocking something from view. For example, when studying Astronomy, when we experience an eclipse and the moon is blocked from the sun that is occultation.

Row by Row Episode 60: Ultimate Taste Test Between Hybrid and Heirloom
July 01, 2019

Hybrid vs. Heirloom When deciding between different hybrid and heirloom varieties to plant you should really weight out the benefits and flavor profiles that both varieties have to offer. More importantly,

Row by Row Episode 59: Taste Testing Different Tomato Varieties in the Garden
June 21, 2019

Indeterminate/Heirloom Tomatoes Tomatoes are always a favorite and popular crop to grow in the garden. Whether they are heirloom/hybrid or determinate/indeterminate they all offer many different growing characteristics and flavors.

Row by Row Episode 58: Tips for Growing Okra in the Garden
June 17, 2019

Okra Varieties Classified in the Malvaceae family, okra prefers warm-weather which makes it perfect for the summer growing season. The guys have tested several okra varieties over the years including  Star of David, Cowhorn, Red Burgundy,

Row by Row Episode 57: Growing Loads of Sweet Potatoes in Your Garden
June 12, 2019

Sweet Potato Planting There are over 6,500 varieties of sweet potatoes in the world. Sweet potatoes are a member of the Morning Glory family and will typically mature in 90 to 120 days. Unlike Irish potatoes which prefer cooler soils,

Row by Row Episode 56: Improve Your Garden with Warm-Weather Cover Crops
June 12, 2019

Warm-Weather Cover Crops Growing cover crops can be just as important as growing vegetable crops in the garden. Cover crops will restore your garden soils by increasing organic matter and feeding the soil biology.

Row by Row Episode 55: The Best Storage Tips for Fresh Garden Vegetables
June 11, 2019

Storing Vegetable Gardens There are many ways to store your vegetable crops once they're harvested from the vegetable garden. Whether you store them in the barn or under the carport, creating a storage area for your vegetable crops is important.

Row by Row Episode 54: Productive Crops for the Summer Garden
June 11, 2019

Improving Your Summer Garden Not sure what to plant in the summer garden? Instead of allowing the vegetable garden to become covered with grass and weeds, grow heat-loving summer crops and keep the garden healthy for fall plantings.

Row by Row Episode 53: Organic Pest Control Solutions for the Garden
June 11, 2019

How Can We Control Pests? We cannot always expect to fully eradicate pests, but we can control them in our vegetable gardens. By eliminating larval and younger individuals of the insect populations, we can break that life cycle and prevent further rep...