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Rhinos Laying Ostrich Eggs and Other Urban Legends
November 01, 2019

What does it take to become Safari Tour Guide of the Year? We were lucky enough to speak to the man who has just achieved this very special accolade to find out. At Rothschild Safaris our trips are always all about the guide. As the luxury African safari.

A Giraffe called Ernest
October 24, 2019

Whether you have never been on safari… or have never had the Rothschild safaris experience, today our very special guest will tell you everything you need to know AND might wonder about making an African dream holiday happen. Lynne’s story is extraordina.

Living La Pura Vida
October 08, 2019

When you are working your way around the world country by country, it becomes more difficult for a destination to truly impress.   Tanaya Lambert recently returned from her second visit to Costa Rica, and it is safe to say that this Central American coun.

Technological Salad
September 17, 2019

Dave Southwood is not a clicker. He did start life in the wild on a farm in Botswana and today is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. He also lives in the moment (when I contacted him to request a conversation for our podcast he hopped on the phone.

Rewilding India
September 10, 2019

Do you worry about the future of our wild planet?  Conservation is never far from our thoughts and this week’s podcast guest lives breathes and works at the very epicenter of the most pressing concerns, where people and wilderness meet. Krithi Karant..

Now is the best time to visit India
August 19, 2019

You won’t meet someone like Viji Krishna often in your lifetime. We at Rothschild Safaris all feel extremely lucky that she has crossed our paths. She is what you would get if you could roll Marie Kondo, a spiritual guru, and a travel gourmand into one a.

How Many Elephants?
July 24, 2019

Did you know that 96 elephants are poached every day? What does that figure mean? Simply this: If you would like to see an elephant a decade from today you will be visiting a zoo to do so. And Holly Budge does not like that plan.  She is an adventurer an.

Uganda and Rwanda Trip Report
June 25, 2019

Pam Langhoff recently returned from a trip to Uganda and Rwanda. So, we called her to hear all about what it is like to meet three different types of primates in quick succession and trek through the jungles of Africa when you have had no time to work on.

To travel is to live.
June 18, 2019

Tanaya Lambert has one of the most voracious appetites for travel we have ever encountered. She has ticked over 50 countries off her to-do list and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Tanaya is also particularly tenacious about the details.

Hunting for Africa's Most Exclusive Property
June 11, 2019

There are so many incredibly beautiful lodges throughout Africa. Many of them in stunning locations. I find that the people who run a property are, without fail, the crucial piece of the puzzle for me. Passionate, knowledgeable, warm, intelligent people .