Room 77 Swinger Podcast | Lifestyle Podcast For Swingers

Room 77 Swinger Podcast | Lifestyle Podcast For Swingers

Ep. 71: Perfect Hosts with the Perfect Game

June 05, 2023
  1. Why Richard doesn't swim at home...
  2. Being the perfect Swinger Hosts, set your reminders and grab the perfect hotel room lighting!
  3. We are trying to behave ourselves when we zoom in on a French Canadian hockey player, Oui! Oui!
  4. Our swinger date threatens us with watching the sun rise together. Oh no, we need naps immediately!
  5. Richard packs too lightly and has to borrow clothes for dinner.
  6. Lauren freaks in the disco around all the young girls. What's the song? "Shots, Shots, Insecurity?"
  7. We are reminded why the Lifestyle crew is our crew.

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