Roll Call with the Sheepdogs

Roll Call with the Sheepdogs

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Active shooter Colorado
May 07, 2019

Active shooter in Colorado school update

Re-Branding on the road
May 04, 2019

Jesse and I on the road for our first show together since the re-branding.  The mics weren't great but had to get an episode up.  The quality will return in future episode.

Rebranding commercial
May 02, 2019

Message for listeners

Rebranding message
January 29, 2019

Talking about the new format

Back in the swing of things
January 27, 2019

Latest episode of The Sheepdogs

Q&A with Scott
December 16, 2018

Scott answers some questions about himself for the fans

Officer Down
November 28, 2018

Latest episode of The Sheepdogs

10/31/18 Show
October 31, 2018

Latest show from our new studio

Shooting update
October 27, 2018

Active shooter in PA

9/11 Show
September 12, 2018

Talk about 9/11 and what has happened since