The Rogue Northrup Show

The Rogue Northrup Show

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Heartbreak and wolves
May 31, 2019

Just went thru a heartbreak. The lone wolf survives. Enjoy my rogue thoughts, rambles and reflection....

The Reflective & Unattached Self
May 10, 2019

 Learning about the "reflective self" or what they call in Buddhism the unattached self. Not letting feelings dictate your actions; acknowledging them and then letting them go. I let my feelings drive my decision making most of my life instead of tho

75% per week? I DO!
May 02, 2019

Part One of the Relationship & Love series! Talking about #Marriage and cohabitation! Making your marriage work takes WORK! Living with someone- anyone takes work. So why do we torture ourselves with codependency and traditionalism? Let’s talk about it!

Project X
April 18, 2019

From the football field to the laboratory, long time friend Dr. Xavier Torres stops by @theroguenorthrupshow to drop some life gems, his love for the second amendment, Netflix, and how constant self evaluation has kept his goals and dreams achievable. &am

Living in the present- You’re a gift after all!
April 11, 2019

Today we are talking about purpose- how I’ve dealt with finding my purpose, living in the present and warding off depression and anxiety! #Oprah #EckhartTolle #Purpose #LivingInTheNow #Anxiety #Busy vs #Effectiveness #TDJakes #Manifest

#LUPE with Jerry Fady Haddad
April 05, 2019

The Rogue Show is so happy to welcome not just a fabulous friend and supporter but one of the most brilliant, innovative, passionate Director/Writers from Chicago! Jerry Fady Haddad! From humble beginnings he understood what it would take to change his ci

Yoga, Tarot, & Crystals- OH MY!
April 04, 2019

special guest the intelligent and eclecticLY FLY-  Eliz Bajal and founder of Eclectic Intuition Will share her love for Yoga, debunk any tarot card myths, and open your eyes to the world of crystal healing + much, MUCH MORE! Show her some love and fo

Haircuts! Bangs! Oh my!
February 25, 2019

Let the anxiety set in!

Diet VS Diet
January 30, 2019

Diet refers to what you consume on a daily basis.. not what you try to start every Monday! Tips and real life problem solving to lose weight and/or implementing healthy lifestyle choices.