Rogue Adulting

Rogue Adulting

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S1E9: Cusacks, Craft Sacks & Old Sacks
February 13, 2019

Andrew McCarthy will have to step aside as Brookl…

S1E8: Comedians, Musicians & Irish Step Dancing
February 03, 2019

What do Preacher Lawson, Brandon Flowers, Rhett &…

S1E7: Where Are They Now
February 02, 2019

The loser has to eat a dab of some of the hottest…

S1E6: Hospital Free 2019
January 30, 2019

Enjoy reliving the night Brooklyn passed out in t…

S1E4: Squirrels, Bats & Spiders Oh My!
January 26, 2019

Discover how Brooklyn ended up hiding in a dog ca…

S1E3: 30 Before 30
January 23, 2019

S1E3: 30 Before 30 by Chris & Brooklyn: Rogue Adu…

S1E5: Get the Piano Off Your Back
January 21, 2019

Realizing they are not cut out for show business,…

S1E2: Wedding Planning
January 17, 2019

Chris describes the excitement of starting a new …

S1E1: Trip to Indy
January 17, 2019

In the first episode of Rogue Adulting, Chris & B…