Latest Episodes

Ep #9: High Vibe Smiles with Cristian & Danielle of the Dental Yogis
August 02, 2019

Learn how yoga and self-care can transform your life and practice.

Ep #8: Get To The Point with Paul Homoly
July 05, 2019

Learn how to educate your clients in a way they understand and value.

Ep #7: The Importance of Airways and Education with Dr. Sam Cress
June 07, 2019

Learn how to build your knowledge and see the bigger picture when it comes to sleep and airway conscious dentistry.

Ep #6: Dentistry Without a Box with Dr. Bill Dorfman
April 05, 2019

Learn how to forget the box and release passivity in order to grow your practice in an unprecedented way.

Ep #5: Living Intentionally and Learning to Ask for Help with Dr. Nada Albatish
March 01, 2019

The owner of All Smiles Dental Centre shares her journey to success and the important lessons she learned along the way.

Ep #4: Forging Your Own Path to Success and Happiness with David Meltzer
February 01, 2019

The CEO and co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing shares advice for leading a successful and happy life.

Ep #3: Happiness, Contentment, and Finding Balance with Dr. Eric Farmer
January 25, 2019

Learn how to avoid falling victim to the "achievement mindset" so you can live a balanced life.

Ep #2: Selling and Marketing to Grow Your Practice with Brad Lea
January 25, 2019

The founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT shares what many dentists are lacking when it comes to marketing.

Ep #1: Setting Up a Healthy Life and a Healthy Practice with Mindy Musselman and Emily Frisella
January 24, 2019

The hosts of the Food In Session podcast share tips for creating a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.