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Bringing Small Business to the Congressional Floor | Ep. 19 – Rocket IT Business Podcast
December 01, 2020

Knowing what takes place behind congressional doors can sometimes be a mystery. So in this special installment of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, we sit down with U.S. Congressman, Rob Woodall to hear how his team has kept small business,

Living With a Purpose | Ep. 18 – Rocket IT Business Podcast
November 03, 2020

In episode 18 of the Rocket IT Business Podcast we speak with two entrepreneurs who are on a mission to inspire, impact, and influence the lives of others through their organization, Impact 2:52. With decades of leadership and business experiences to ...

Curating Greatness | Ep. 17 – Rocket IT Business Podcast
October 27, 2020

At the ripe age of 27, with no land and little money to his name, Eddie Staub was driven by a courageous vision: to positively impact communities through the reunification of local families. 35 years and 315 acres later,

Overcoming Obstacles To Facilitate Growth with Dan Frey — Ep. 16 Rocket IT Business Podcast
July 07, 2020

In this segment of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, guest host Dan Frey sits down with the visionaries behind Rocket IT, Matt and Maureen Hyatt. Throughout their discussion, Matt and Maureen reflect on their journey to craft a successful business and ho...

The Anatomy of a Hack – Ep. 15 Rocket IT Business Podcast
June 15, 2020

Last year, around 1,500 major business data breaches and countless smaller ones occurred in the U.S. alone. Interested in learning what caused a majority of these attacks? In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast,

Managing Risk, Reward, & Regret (Ft. Jeff Spence) – Ep. 14 Rocket IT Podcast
April 15, 2020

Have what it takes to seize a big opportunity when it comes along? In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, we're joined by Jeff Spence; an adventurer, entrepreneur and private equity investor who has helped dozens of company teams grow,

Who Says You Can’t? (Ft. Jeremie Kubicek of GiANT Worldwide) – Ep. 13 Rocket IT Podcast
April 08, 2020

In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast we sit down with the CEO and Co-Founder of GiANT Worldwide, Jeremie Kubicek. From breaking ground on over 20 businesses to authoring one of Amazon’s top-ten business books of 2019,

A Business Continuity Checklist (Ft. Eric Henderson) – Ep. 12 Rocket IT Podcast
April 01, 2020

In this episode of the Rocket IT Podcast, the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce hosts Eric Henderson, Rocket IT's VP of Technology, to help audience members ensure that technology remains a healthy part their operations. - From this insight,

Finding Balance and Peace (Ft. Holly Moore of Hollis Strategies) – Ep. 11 Rocket IT Podcast
March 12, 2020

In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, we sit down with Holly Moore; an entrepreneur whose passion for leadership development and business strategy has led her on a 20-plus year journey through both corporate and nonprofit landscapes.

From Therapist to Tech Startup (Ft. Suzanne Masino of Matchwell) – Ep. 10 Rocket IT Podcast
February 27, 2020

In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, we have the honor of interviewing Suzanne Masino, occupational therapist turned tech entrepreneur. During her 25-year tenure in the healthcare field, Suzanne has served as a therapist, recruiter,