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Climate Action with Jeremy Jones + Travis Rice
August 03, 2021

This week's guests probably don't need an introduction, but just in case: we're joined by Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice, two snowboarding legends who have turned their careers towards activism. Jeremy, renowned adventurer, director, and 'Champion of Change

From Disability Representation to Inclusion with Mallory Weggeman + Jeremy Snyder
July 06, 2021

Next month, Mallory Weggeman will be competing in her third Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2021). She's currently a gold and bronze medalist, ESPN ESPY Award Winner, American and World Record holder, and 15-time World Champion. Together, she and Jeremy Snyder fo

Episode Re-release: Sasha DiGiulian
June 29, 2021

In this episode, one of the best rock climbers of all-time, Sasha Digiulian, sits down to talk with Cory and I about her life, her career, and Adventure with Purpose. Sasha shares how she strives to find harmony and has rolled with the punches during her

Rerelease- Ep. 13 with Jimmy Chin
June 22, 2021

Note: This Episode was originally released on March 20, 2020Joining the podcast from his home in Jackson, WY, Jimmy Chin sits down with CJ and Cory to discuss origins, family, loss, risk, community, creative inspirations, the need for wild places and how

How to do the Most Good with Dr. Josh Greene and Rebecca Rusch
June 15, 2021

This week, Harvard Psychology Professor, Dr. Josh Greene joins us and guest co-host Rebecca Rusch to give us a lesson in moral cognition and effective altruism. What motivates people to do good? How have the greatest impact in our charitable giving? What

Bonus Episode - In Conversation with Robin Thurston
June 08, 2021

Robin Thurston is the CEO of Outside, a company building the worlds content and events home for skiers, runners, triathletes, hikers, backpackers, yogis, cross-fitters, gym goers, and cyclists. He joins CJ along with ROAM Founding members Travis Rice, Sa

Therapy with Cory Richards and Laurel Sole'
May 25, 2021

Those who tune in to Cory's #mentalhealthmonday series are familiar with his mental illness journey-- which includes diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder, alcoholism, and PTSD. In honor of mental health awareness month, he and Terry record a session with his psy

Filmmaking and Oceanic Preservation with Louie Psihoyos
May 18, 2021

Once you have 10% of the population activated the truth is really hard to stop, says Louie Psihoyos, renowned photographer, Oscar-winning  filmmaker (The Cove), and ocean conservationist on the impact of activism through storytelling. He joins Ter

The Ego is Not Your Amigo with Pete McBride & Josh Jespersen
May 11, 2021

This week, 'freshwater hero,' acclaimed photographer, and creator of the Disney+ documentary 'Into the Canyon, Pete McBride, and Josh Jesperson, fellow river conservationist and creator of the upcoming film, the Animas Project, join us to discuss con

Dismantling Racism in the Outdoors with Chad Brown (feat. Conrad Anker)
May 04, 2021

Special guest co-host Conrad Anker joins us this week to speak with Chad Brown, founder of Soul River. After his doctor prescribed fly fishing as a method to heal PTSD, Chad wanted to bring that same healing to other veterans and inner-city youth. Beyond