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185. What Prison Abolition Really Means with Black & Pink National's Tena Hahn Rodriguez
March 23, 2024

Today's show is a conversation between Michael Griffin and Tena Hahn Rodriguez, co-interim executive director of Black & Pink National, a nonprofit prison abolition organization headquartered in Omaha. Hahn Rodriguez is a dancer, educator and Omah

184. Ang Bennett and Brittany Wright on Bridging Cultural Divides with Conversations for Change
March 16, 2024

Inclusive Communities is a nonprofit that uses human relations work to promote diversity and inclusion among individuals, workplaces and communities. The organization also holds public events to encourage cross-cultural dialogue, including the Jane H. &am

183. Congressman Don Bacon Makes His Pitch for 2024
March 09, 2024

Congressman Don Bacon has represented Nebraska's Second Congressional District since 2017. He is running for re-election again this year against Nebraska State Senator Tony Vargas. Today, he recounts his experience during the January 6th attack, why h

182. Dr. Erin Feichtinger on the Roots of Political Dysfunction
March 01, 2024

If you follow Omaha politics, you likely know Dr. Erin Feichtinger--or at least her tweets. Feichtinger has a PhD in history and currently serves as policy director at the Womens Fund of Omaha, and she has made it a mission to shine a light on the detail

181. Tony Bonacci on the Long Road to 'The Headliner'
February 23, 2024

Filmmaker Tony Bonacci previously appeared on the show when his acclaimed short, The Headliner, made festival rounds in 2018. Even then, he was adamant that he would turn that story into a feature alongside the short’s writer, Christine Burright, and its

180. Senator Machaela Cavanaugh on the Tumultuous 107th Legislative Session and What She Hopes for in Her Current Term
February 10, 2024

Machaela Cavanaugh represents Nebraska's 6th District in the Unicameral. She was re-elected to a second term in 2022 and in 2023, Cavanaugh made national news when she filibustered LB574, also known as the Let Them Grow Act, which bans gender-affirmin

179. Keyonna King on Public Health Disparities in Omaha and UNMC's BEAT Cancer Study
February 02, 2024

Keyonna King is an associate professor in the UNMC College of Public Health. She holds a doctorate in public health from Loma Linda University. King specializes in community-based participatory research, or CBPR, an approach that works with community memb

178. Josh Tague on the History of the Omaha Symphony, the Changing Music Industry Landscape, and Steps for Establishing a Diverse Culture in Classical Music
January 27, 2024

Josh Tague was born and raised in Omaha and has a business degree from UNO. Hes played guitar in various bands and is a regular audience member at local concerts including performances by the biggest local band in town, the Omaha Symphony. As director

177. Community Organizer Jaden Perkins on Improving Civic Engagement through Performance
January 21, 2024

Jaden Perkins is grassroots community organizer from Omaha who specializes in coalition building. He currently works for the Heartland Workers Center as a policy fellow. Perkins has also worked on campaigns for local political candidates, including Dave P

176. Activists Mia Perales and David Corbin on What Is and What Isn't Working with Omaha Environmentalism
January 05, 2024

Mia Perales is a freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Last year she won an environmental achievement award from the Nebraska chapter of the Sierra Club after leading climate work with the city-wide group Students for Sustainability and starting