Rising Tide Startups

Rising Tide Startups

6.01 – Josh Dittrich – Branded Seller

January 04, 2022

What a great way to launch Season 6 of Rising Tide Startups, with special guest Josh Dittrich, founder of Branded Seller. Josh Dittrich (pronounced "D-trick") is a visionary entrepreneur, seller, investor, advisor, husband and father of five.  Most recently he built and sold two eCommerce businesses for 8 figures and was recently featured in a Business Insider article about how he did it. This has inspired him to write the book "Aggregator Navigator - The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing the Exit of Your Amazon Brand" to demystify the selling process of selling to an aggregator.  He is also the founder of BrandedSeller.com helping Amazon Sellers strategize and maximize their exit. BrandedSeller.com also provides stunning low cost video and listing content.

Learn more at Brandedseller.com

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