Rise and Thrive Show

Rise and Thrive Show

Forgiveness Workshop Pt.3

March 13, 2020

Mary Hayes Grieco talks in-depth about how to heal emotional pain through her recipe: "8 Steps to Freedom", in part 3 of this forgiveness workshop lecture.

The Eight Steps to Freedom(Forgiving another person or a life situation)

Prepare yourself for healing and change.

Step One: State your will to make a change.Step Two: Express your feelings exactly as they are inside you.Step Three: Release expectations from your mind, one by one.Step Four: Restore your boundaries.Step Five: Open up to the Universe to get your needs met in a different way.Step Six: Receive healing energy from Spirit into your personality.Step Seven: Send unconditional love to the other person and release him or her.Step Eight: See the good in the person or situation.

Integrate this change; get used to feeling lighter.

Mary’s next Forgiveness Workshop is happening May 1st – May 3rd, in St. Paul, MN. https://www.forgivenesstraining.com/training-programs/the-wonderful-forgiveness-weekend/