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Ripples In Space

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RIS: The Waiting Room
April 18, 2021

An anomaly is the bane of one psychology graduate student's in Dr. Thomas Willemain's "The Waiting Room".

RIS: Scrutiny
March 28, 2021

Talia is the museum's linguist. Everyday she goes to watch and listen to the strange creatures feast on their treats...what kind of treats you say? Only one way to find out. Listen now to "Scrutiny" by Azure Arther.

RIS: Holes Inc.
January 10, 2021

Some desk jobs have their oddities...and their downfalls. Find out what kind of desk jobs the future (or past) may hold in "Holes Inc." by Travis Flatt.

RIS: Inheriting the Lechuza Feather
January 03, 2021

Most families have that one member who is estranged from the rest of the family; the outcast, the "black sheep", the one you tell your kids not to talk to. One girl is about to find out how true that is of her grandmother in James Romansky'

RIS: Biomass
September 20, 2020

On a long trip through interstellar space, scientists have finally answered an age-old question. Find out their fascinating discovery in "Biomass" by Corey S. Pressman.

RIS: The Lands Where Demons Tread
August 30, 2020

Aera has made an incredible scientific discovery. Life on an impossibly habitable planet! However, can she convince her professor and advisor to go public with this news? Find out in Ryan Walraven's "The Land Where Demons Tread".

RIS: Nature's Glory & Broken World
August 09, 2020

Today RIS brings you a double feature! "Nature's Glory" by William Price andBroken World" by Warren Hilton.

Unending Tales from the Void Season 2: Part 2
July 26, 2020

While on a pitstop, Emma and Captain Starflower encounter a strange Cowboy. Meanwhile, Campo Hopkins reports to his boss, the mysterious Alexander Richter.

RIS: By Candlelight
July 12, 2020

Helen is terribly ill, but MUST make it to St. Peter's Church to pray for her brothers currently serving in the war before it's too late. Will she make it in time? Find out in D. Scot's "By Candlelight".

Unending Tales from the Void Season 2: Part 1
July 05, 2020

Ripples in Space is back with a second season of Unending Tales from the Void!Introverted Emma is sent on a wild mission to find Max and Stewart from Season One. As she begrudgingly ventures out, she finds herself surrounded with a motley band of shipmate