Latest Episodes

17: Liquored Up Chuck
December 05, 2019

Chuck was supposed to record a podcast about the latest in the sports world...except Dom & Mitch were not around & he found a bottle of whiskey...so here is 'Liquored Up Chuck' talking about nothing relevant. 

16: Lions & Gummies & Squirrels, Oh My!
November 18, 2019

Dion Waiters overdoses on special dummies from Denver, Mitch explains his run in with the most gangster squirrel the universe has ever seen, Mason Rudolph gets 'whack-a-moled' and much more.

15: Show Me Your Abs
November 06, 2019

Halloween is over and the boys are back to start the holiday season baby. Chuck & Dom lead this episode down the unthoughtful path of scariest sports moments, guessing how many calories Chuck burns doing activities, the end of baseball season & much more.

14: Peanut Butter & Schnelly
September 18, 2019

Chuck & Mitch investigate Dom potentially going rogue and starting a rival podcast, Mitch introduces some funny quick rips and Chuck describes his epic encounters with legendary college coach, Howard Schnellenberger.

13: The Screamer Lemur
September 04, 2019

Creepy college football fan gets interviewed, baseball players are taking sex pills from gas stations and crazy minor league stories.

12: Locked, Loaded & Live
August 12, 2019

Chuck, Dom & Mitch are back to discuss Baker Mayfield calling a shotgun, Antonio Brown's disgusting feet and the Miami Marlins flexing on Twitter. The guys then go live to Clearwater, Florida to check in on fantasy football correspondent - Rich Hopper. Af

11: The Big 3 Era
August 03, 2019

Season 2 has officially kicked off! Mitch introduces himself to Ripped Nation and Doc Gooden goes GTA before the debate heats up around Jalen Ramsey showing up to training camp in a Brinks Truck. We also learn there may be a huge murder conspiracy between

10: The Rippie Awards - Szn 1 Finale
June 12, 2019

Season 1 has come to an end my friends! To celebrate this iconic moment in world history, the guys discuss the topic of true fandom by debating questions from their good friend and Quick Rip contributor, Brandon Highwood, before buzzing into the ‘Ripped S

9: The Naked Truth
May 19, 2019

Breaking News from Orlando has the guys talking about a new style of athletic training...naked! After we 'uncover' that topic, Chuck and Dom take you through the latest NBA updates - from the Conference Finals to the Pelicans getting the #1 pick in the lo

8: The Sloppy Jockey
May 11, 2019

The POD Gawds are back, baby. This episode reviews Tiger's historic rise to greatness once again, the epic leap at the NFL Draft, and the crazy finish at the ol Kentucky Derby! Special guest Mrs. Doubtfire also was kind enough to join the show and provide