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Why Men and Women struggle with sexual sin | RIOT Podcast

June 06, 2024

Why Men and Women struggle with sexual sin is the topic that will be discussed today on RIOT Podcast, a Christian Discipleship Podcast.

Welcome to today’s episode! In today’s world, we are bombarded with sexual imagery everywhere we turn. Sexual immorality isn’t just blatant; it’s subtle too, lurking in magazines, TV shows, movies, and even in church settings. This overwhelming presence can distract even the most dedicated minds.

The Struggle: Often, topics like lust, sex, and pornography are associated mainly with men. However, studies show that sexual temptation and addiction affect women as well. Shockingly, 2 out of 4 women in the church face these struggles, with 90% of women surveyed experiencing daily sexual temptations.

Women’s Testimony: Women often find emotional intimacy and sensuality more tempting than physical nudity. Shame and secrecy can compound these struggles, making it hard to seek help. By opening up to counselors and supportive friends, many have found freedom and healing through honesty and faith.

Discussion Points:

The shame Christians feel regarding sexual sin.

The surprising prevalence of sexual struggles among women.

Practical steps to find accountability and support.

Identifying triggers and learning to walk in the Spirit.

Hope and Healing: Our goal is to help answer two crucial questions: “Why do I constantly fall to sexual temptation?” and “What is going wrong?” We’ll explore key areas that contribute to these struggles and provide biblical guidance for overcoming them. Remember, even when we fall, perseverance and faithfulness are key. God is always ready to help us find a way of escape.

Dive deep into understanding and overcoming sexual sin in this eye-opening discussion. Let’s find freedom together in Christ.

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