Rico's Disasternoon

Rico's Disasternoon

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April 09, 2020

Where did it go??? A little bit clickbait I know, but I mostly talk about a listening experience I had and how I have hard time finding a new rock band with the "nerves" that I'm looking for.

HOUSE M.D. - TV Show Rambling
April 07, 2020

I rediscovered this show, the binge has started, so why is it so captivating? I also talk about how a procedural kind of show like this is helping me out getting used to watching a series again.  If you're a series fan, and maybe a little insane abou

April 05, 2020

Green Day just put out a surprise EP. 3 songs from their trilogy albums remixed to sound bigger. So I ramble a little about that and about the trilogy of Uno, Dos and Tre, the special playlist that I made for myself to condense those albums into one to li

UPDATE Quarantined in Italy
April 04, 2020

A little update on the current situation

MUSIC Production Journey
March 29, 2020

From Audacity to Reaper DAW, it's been a fun ride, trying to learn something about the beautiful world of music production, recording, mixing and mastering. It's funny how even if compared to the pros, I'm as clueless as you can get about it, still weirdl

In QUARANTINE from Italy
March 27, 2020

First ever episode of the podcast. Let's vent about the pandemic situation, this Coronavirus situation, plus some personal stuff of course, cause you can't talk into a microphone without some Ego in the equation.