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Richmond Community Church

2020-10-25: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Becoming An Effective Witness For Christ

October 25, 2020

Sermon Audio: Becoming An Effective Witness For Christ
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 23:1-11
Duration: 20:00
Size: 13.7 MB
Acts: Life In The Spirit
Becoming An Effective Witness For Christ
Acts 23:1-11
Jesus wants us to be witnesses for Him, who effectively share the good news of His grace with others.

I. Effective Witnesses Show Respect to Others (Acts 23:1-5)
He really did want to show respect to those in authority, even if they were in the wrong, because he knew it pleased God.

If we want to be effective witnesses for the Lord to other people, we will need to earn the right to be heard.

II. Effective Witnesses Are Innocent, Yet Wise (Acts 23:6-10)
Paul surely knew that it wouldn't take a whole lot to ignite the hostility that existed between these two groups.

So, in one sense Paul was boiling down all the issues of Christianity to the one central issue--the resurrection.

So, it's okay to be wise and shrewd in our approach, as long as we are being led by the Lord and not sacrificing our integrity or testimony.

III. Effective Witnesses Need the Encouragement of Christ's Presence (Acts 23:11)
The more we connect with God, the more we will begin to hear Him speak to our hearts and minds, giving us the courage and reassurance, we need.