Rewire Your Attachment Style with Maya Diamond

Rewire Your Attachment Style with Maya Diamond

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Hot Online Dating Tips and Trends From Okcupid’s Head of Global Communications / 039
January 08, 2023

In this episode, I interview Michael Kaye the Head of Global Communications at Okcupid. We go deep on the latest online dating trends and what they are saying about single daters, simple tweaks you ca

Catherine’s Ray of Light Love Story: An Empower Love Journey / 038
November 06, 2022

In this interview, I talk to Catherine about her journey in the Empower Love program. We cover how she attracted her man in month 2 of the program, her big internal shifts as a result of the work, and

Should I Stay or Should I Go? / 037
October 31, 2022

In this episode, I explore the very important topic of deciding if its time to leave a relationship. I discuss its challenges, the fears around it, and some important reasons why it might be a good i

Healing Anxious Attachment and Increasing Trust With VIP Client Chris Hurwitz / 036
October 17, 2022

In this episode, I interview Realtor Chris Hurwitz from Boulder, Colorado about his experience working with me to heal his anxious attachment and increase trust in his relationship. He shares how and

Dancing the Avoidant/Anxious Shuffle With David Coates / 035
October 01, 2022

In this podcast episode, I bring back Author and Therapist David Coates, and we go deep into avoidant attachment and how it shows up in relationship specifically with anxious attached folks. We each s

The Benefits of Working on Your Avoidant Attachment / 034
August 17, 2022

In this episode, Maya shares the top 3 benefits of working on your avoidant attachment style. She shares how this is a courageous act and by working on your avoidant attachment style it will positivel

The Surprising Power of Group Coaching: Janette’s Journey from Single to A Loving Marriage with an Incredible Man / 033
July 03, 2022

In this interview, I talk to Janette a graduate of the Empower Love program about her journey from being single and frustrated to now being in a healthy loving marriage. She shared her struggles befor

Dicks, Assholes, Pussys, & Douchebags – a Rich Convo with David Coates / 032
April 27, 2022

Resources & Support at In this rich conversation with David Coates, we discuss these 4 masculine archetypes the dick, the asshole, the pussy, and the douchebag and how they show up

Couple Interview: Anxious Attachment Style in Love / 031
March 11, 2022

In this interview, I have the honor and joy of interviewing my bestie and biz partner Tara Divina & her fianc Zev Aaron about their healthy, loving, rich, & beautiful relationship. This interview cov

The Power of Surrender with Kute Blackson / 030
August 21, 2021

In this interview, Kute Blackson shares about why surrender is one of the most powerful energies we can embody. He uncovers how this effects our lives, our relationships, and our goals. We delve into