Rewilding Earth Podcast

Rewilding Earth Podcast

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Episode 117: Learning About The Vital Importance Of The Springs of the Southwest with Christina Selby
November 10, 2023

About Christina Selby is a conservation photographer, filmmaker, and science writer, who uses multimedia storytelling as a powerful tool to share the beauty of the planet and motivate others to act on

Episode 116: A Lifetime of Advocacy for the Protection and Restoration America’s Wild Northeastern Forests
October 27, 2023

About A native of New Jersey, Jamie discovered his passion for Wild Nature surrounded by meadows and forests near his home and on a family outing in an old growth forest in the Quebec wilderness. In 1

Episode 115: Spreading Rewilding Awareness And Advocacy Via Journeys With Purpose
October 06, 2023

About Duncan is the Founder and Managing Director ofJourneys With Purpose. Journeys With Purpose is a member of1% for the Planet,The Long Run, and a CertifiedB Corp, andasB Corps highest-scori

Episode 114: Rachel Conn On Re-Watering, Re-Ottering, and Rewilding Watersheds In New Mexico
September 22, 2023

About Rachel Conn As Deputy Director of Amigos Bravos, Rachel advocates for strong and environmentally just local, state, and federal water policy. She provides hands-on support to New Mexico communit

Episode 113: A Fascinating Talk With Peter Alagona About Grizzlies And Their Future Return To California
September 15, 2023

About Peter Alagona Peter is a professor of Environmental Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Hes an environmental historian, historian of science, conservation scientist, and nat

Episode 112: The Importance Of Rethinking Urban Design To Rewilding Projects Everywhere
August 17, 2023

About Chris Hawkins leads the Colorado Chapter of The Nature Conservancys (TNC) Cities program where he spends his time focusing on improving regional habitat connectivity and access to nature; creat

Episode 111: Combat Vet Jon Rezendes on Large Carnivore Coexistence and a Habitat Protection Victory in El Paso’s Franklin Mountains
July 14, 2023

About Born and raised in Massachusetts, Jon Rezendes had a lifelong obsession with wilderness and big cats interrupted by the tragic events of September 11th, 2001. Jon was a high school freshman and

Episode 110: Deploying Nature-Based Water Solutions – The Future Of Water Use In The Southwest
June 29, 2023

About Erin English Erin leads Biohabitats visionary Integrated Water Strategies planning & engineering efforts. She applies her background in chemical and environmental engineering with her passion f

Episode 109: Rewilding Anywhere At Any Scale Relies Greatly On How We Restore And Reimagine Our Urban Environments
May 12, 2023

About Chris Chris is a practice leader with Biohabitats, leading the firms research and development effort called Bioworks. He is an ecological engineer with 20 years of experience in restoration and

Episode 108: Kelly Borgman on Rewilding the Enormous Mississippi River Watershed
April 27, 2023

About Kelly Borgmann grew up on a historic farm in rural east-central Indiana. Spending her days playing in the woods and caring for the land gave her a deep appreciation of nature. Participating in 4