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Rewilding Earth Podcast

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Episode 71: Population Stabilization And Biodiversity With Leon Kolankiewicz
April 09, 2021

About Leon Kolankiewicz is scientific director of NumbersUSA and vice-president of Scientists and Environmentalists for Population Stabilization (SEPS).  He is also a consulting environmental scientist and natural resources planner.

Episode 70: Robert and Terri TallTree On Finding Balance For Conservationists Living In Challenging Times
March 25, 2021

Intro music: Native American Flute “Welcome Song” by Robert TallTree Outro Music: “Healing Song” by Robert TallTree About Robert and Terri TallTree Robert and Terri TallTree are spiritual leaders to a great many people around the world.

Episode 69: Keeping The Promise Of Wilderness With The Wilderness Land Trust
March 16, 2021

About Aimee joined the Trust in 2009 as the California Program Manager. Her experience includes serving as executive director of the Sacramento Valley Conservancy. Previously, she was a founder of Friends of the Sacramento River Greenway.

Episode 68: The Lowdown On Colorado Wolf Reintroduction With Gary Skiba
February 20, 2021

About Gary Gary joined SJCA in April 2020 and was a board member for several years prior to that. Gary worked for the Colorado Division of Wildlife for 23 years. Throughout his professional career, Gary focused on threatened and endangered species mana...

Episode 67: The Case For Removing 4 Dams On The Lower Snake River
February 08, 2021

“For decades, eight lower Snake and Columbia river dams and reservoirs have hampered, harmed, killed, and rendered threatened and endangered four anadromous fish species. The lack of Snake River chinook salmon,

Episode 66: We Elected A President, Not A Fairy Godmother
January 22, 2021

In this episode Rewilding’s Wildlands Coordinator Kim Crumbo clarifies how the conservation community must lean into the 30×30 campaign. He reminds us, while we have a friendly administration, we still have much work to do.

Episode 65: How To Have A More Constructive Conversation About Human Population Issues
January 08, 2021

“Women – educated, empowered, integrated in to the workforce, and with access to family planning technologies – hold the key to our ecological salvation.” -Chris Tucker About Dr. Christopher Tucker is chairman of the American Geographical Society,

Episode 64: Adopting A Steady State Economy To Protect Wild Nature With Brian Czech
November 23, 2020

About Brian Czech Brian Czech is the founding president of the Center For The Advancement Of The Steady State Economy (CASSE). Czech served as the first conservation biologist in the history of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from 1999-2017,

Episode 63: Jack Loeffler on Rewilding Human Consciousness and Tales From An Extraordinary Life
October 28, 2020

About Jack Loeffler With the temperament of Santa Claus and the tenacity of a badger, Jack Loeffler reveals his compassion and concern for Southwestern traditional cultures and their respective habitats in the wake of Manifest Destiny.

Episode 62: Why Hunting Is Not Conservation With Kevin Bixby
October 14, 2020

About Kevin As the son of a naval officer, Kevin grew up all over the world, but the American West has always been home. While attending high school in Oakland, he began his activist career by volunteering at the Berkeley Ecology Center.