Revolution Rosies

Revolution Rosies

Latest Episodes

LIVE at Strip Down the Vote Pt1
December 09, 2019


Mothers of Invention Pt2
November 18, 2019

Women making waves

Mothers of Invention pt1
November 04, 2019

The Birth of Science Fiction

Season of the Witch pt2
October 21, 2019

Priest fighting Witch

Season of the Witch pt 1
October 08, 2019

Night Witches

Walk Like a Man pt2
September 16, 2019

The Pope that wasn't there.

Walk Like a Man pt1
September 02, 2019

Putting on pants and getting shit done.

Hell on Wheels pt 2
August 19, 2019

Round the world with legs for days

Hell on Wheels pt 1
August 05, 2019

The woman, the legend... the myth?

Welcome Back Rosies!
July 29, 2019

A quick preview to Season 2 of Revolution Rosies