Tales from the Reuther Library

Tales from the Reuther Library

A “Most Conscientious and Considerate Method”: Grosse Pointe’s Gross Post-War Housing Point System

August 11, 2022

Emma Maniere describes how homeowners associations in Grosse Pointe, an affluent suburb bordering Detroit, developed a point system following the Second World War to rank and exclude prospective homebuyers to maintain the community’s Anglo Christian whiteness and affluence. The point system, which ranked nativity and ethnicity, accent, skin tone, and occupation, among other measures, was dismantled in 1960 but left a pernicious legacy that continues to reverberate in the community today. Maniere is a doctoral candidate in the history program at New York University.

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Episode Credits

Producers: Dan Golodner and Troy Eller English

Interviewee: Emma Maniere

Music: Bart Bealmear