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1994's Top Ten
January 13, 2020

Mike and John recap 1994 and share their Top Ten lists for the year.

1994's Final Weeks
January 05, 2020

This is it! Mike and John's grand experiment comes to an end as they review the final weeks of 1994, which gave us such the controversial comic gem Dumb and Dumber, the trainwreck disasterpiece Mixed Nuts, British import The Madness of King George,...

Drop Zone Disclosures
December 08, 2019

Mike and John revisit the week in 1994 that unleashed Queen Margot (OK?), Disclosure (based on a book by Michael Crichton and directed by Barry Levinson, starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore) and...Drop Zone (based on a fever dream, probably,...

Ty Cobb...or Two-Face?
December 01, 2019

Mike and John revisit the week in 1994 that brought us Tom & Viv, Trapped in Paradise, and Cobb, which was totally supposed to be Oscar bait but missed it by a country mile.

Mike v The Santa Clause
November 25, 2019

Mike and John tackle November with gusto, catching up with Thanksgiving week and finding just where their tastes diverge with films as diverse as The Santa Clause, Interview with the Vampire, The Professional, Star Trek Generations, Junior, Three...

john v Frankenstein: Dawn of Branagh
November 17, 2019

Mike and John revisit the week in 1994 that gave us Double Dragon, Floundering, Kenneth Branagh's Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Oleanna, and the Kevin Costner award-bait vehicle The War.

John & Mike through the Stargate
November 10, 2019

John and Mike revisit the week in 1994 that gave us the socially-conscious Drop Squad, the historically-focused curiosity The Road to Wellville, the mysteriously difficult to find Silent Fall, the Disney release Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale, and the...

They're Back!
November 03, 2019

​John and Mike are back and they're catching up on 1994, covering some exciting weeks which include Pulp Fiction, Quiz Show, Shawshank Redemption, and whatever the hell else might've come out during that time. We appreciate your patience as we...

John & Mike vs Awkward Dates
September 08, 2019

John & Mike revisit a week that had a lot of stinkers, but they both watched the one that Rotten Tomatoes loved best: "What Happened Was..." written and directed by Tom Noonan. They also talk about urban legends having to do with legendary baseball...

John vs. Natural Born Killers
September 02, 2019

John and Mike rewind to 1994 and visit the week that saw the release of Natural Born Killers, John Candy's last film Wagons East!, the heartfelt period drama Corrina, Corrina, Camp Nowhere, and The Advocate.