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Unveiling the Emotional Side of Money: Insights from Christine Luken (Ep. 131)
June 28, 2023

Prepare for an insightful exploration of the deep emotional connection between money and relationships in this thought-provoking episode. Larry Heller, CFP, CDFA, is joined by esteemed podcast host

Mastering the Craft of Business Valuations: Expert Tips and Insights with Karl Janhsen, CPA, P.C. (Ep. 130)
June 14, 2023

From selling a business to retirement planning, partnership negotiations, divorce proceedings, and estate planning, there are many reasons why someone would need a business valuation. Although the emp

The Risk Factor: Unraveling Investment Pitfalls (Ep. 129)
May 24, 2023

The lack of risk assessment in some investment types can lead people to overlook potential risks until a negative outcome occurs. With the current state of several regional banks such as Silicon Valle

Guiding the Visually Impaired: A Journey of Inclusion in Triathlons and Ironmans with Caroline Gaynor (Ep. 128)
May 10, 2023

People with disabilities may face challenges when engaging in everyday activities. However, participating in competitive sports can be even more daunting for them. What can we do to provide them with

Ready, Set, Retire: Key Steps for Securing Your Financial Future (Ep. 127)
April 26, 2023

We all dream of those golden years when we can kick back and enjoy our retirement, knowing we have worked extensively for the money now used in retirement. But getting to that point requires a series

Behind Closed Doors: The World of Investigative Techniques with Philip Segal (Ep. 126)
April 12, 2023

From divorces and inheritance disputes, to fraud investigations and business partnerships gone sour, there are a number of reasons you may want to consider hiring an expert financial investigator. I

RMDs & The Age Increase: What This Means For Your Portfolio (Ep.125)
March 22, 2023

With the emergence of the new SECURE (Setting Every Community Up For Retirement Enhancement) Act 2.0, there are upwards of 100 different changes made that will affect the onset and process of your ret

QDROs & Divorce: Understanding the Settlement of Retirement Assets with Derrick A. Rubin, Esq. (Ep. 124)
March 08, 2023

Most people dont prepare for a divorce before they get married. In most divorces, property that was acquired during the marriage is subject to division between the spouses depending on a number of fa

The Importance of Instilling Financial Literacy in Children with Karen Tenenbaum, co-creator of Walter the Vault (Ep. 123)
February 22, 2023

When todays guest witnessed her 5-year-old daughter squeal with delight by inserting a quarter into a vending machine, she knew she had to instill proper financial habits, and fast. Did you know that

Why women need to be aware of their financial situation with Belinda Tsui (Ep.122)
February 08, 2023

Calling all women!! Are you currently in a position where your partner manages your finances and you have no idea what they are? Then its time for you to get more involved in these conversations. Bei