Rethinking the Bible with Jack Pelham

Rethinking the Bible with Jack Pelham

Episode 37: Jack’s Considerations for Good Bible Study, Part B

June 17, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Jack continues discussing several ideas about what makes for good Bible study attitudes and techniques. It ends with a discussion of how having a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is not necessary for good Bible study, where having a high RQ (Rationality Quotient) is.

Jack’s Points (continued from Episode 36)

23. The (Protestant) Bible has over 31,000 verses across 66 books, some of which are themselves comprised of more than one document.  It has nearly ¾ of a million words.  You can read it again and again in your life, but you will never finished studying it if you’re the sort to want to understand everything in it as completely the author understood it—or further, as completely as God himself understood it.

24. If you are like most people, coming to an accurate and non-biased understanding of what a passage means will require that you keep shooing away the question “What does this mean to me?” so that you can maintain a sufficient focus on “What did the author mean?”  Mature people can get good at this, but only through constant self-discipline.