Rethinking the Bible with Jack Pelham

Rethinking the Bible with Jack Pelham

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Episode 46: Who Can Explain the Fear?
November 27, 2022

DESCRIPTION: Jack asks why there is so much fear that typifies the Christians and their fellowships today, when Romans 8 paints a picture of the Christians being delivered from slavery to fear. It’s a

Episode 45: Is Divorce the ONLY Thing that God Hates?
November 20, 2022

DESCRIPTION: Jack discusses Malachi 2:16, where some translations say that God hates divorce. He asks whether divorce is the only thing God hates, and whether there might not be some very serious issu

EPISODE 44: The Golden Rule and Who Is Responsible for Filling Up the Emotional Void You Naturally Have Inside
November 13, 2022

DESCRIPTION: Jack discusses the common problem of people hoping to fill up their internal emotional voids, and how Jesus Golden Rule may just provide a lot of the answer to this problem. A professi

Episode 43: Dysfunctional Christianity
May 15, 2022

DESCRIPTION: Jack reads and discusses an article from his blog ( about how so much of Christianity today is dysfunctional, with believers not turning out very much like Jesus.

Episode 42: Why There is Suffering In This World, and Why Getting Mad at God About it is Foolish.
November 21, 2021

DESCRIPTION: In this episode, we deal with questions that frequently arise, and that are rarely answered well. Why doesnt God answer our prayers as we might think he should? Why are we in this world

Episode 41: Eight Possible Ways Jesus Could Save The United States of America
September 05, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Jack discusses eight possible ways Jesus could fix the mess that is ailing America. It raises the question of just what were expecting when we pray for Gods help. Scriptures Used in thi

Episode 40: Surprising Parallels Between The Harry Potter Saga and Authentic Christianity
August 08, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Harry Potter spent the first eleven years of his life in the care of the unloving Dursley family, who had little concern for Harry, and very low expectations for the outcome of Harry’s li

Episode 39: You Are Not An Apostle.
July 05, 2021

DESCRIPTION: A great deal of confusion exists in the churches today because of the careless attention that is given to the various roles that people played in the First Century ekklesia (church to m

Episode 38: Recommending an Interview with Dr. John Walton at
June 21, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Jack discusses various things, including a great and relevant interview The Bible Project did with Dr. John Walton, regarding interpretations of Genesis 1. Jack mentions the Jack, Anne, and George Problem (Hector Levesque) from Cognitive S...

Episode 37: Jack’s Considerations for Good Bible Study, Part B
June 17, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Jack continues discussing several ideas about what makes for good Bible study attitudes and techniques. It ends with a discussion of how having a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is not necessary for good Bible study,