Rethinking the Bible with Jack Pelham

Rethinking the Bible with Jack Pelham

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Episode 30: Vetting Your Expectations for the End Times and the Beginning Times, Too
April 16, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Jack talks about how it’s hard to know a prophecy has been fulfilled when you’re not sure about the details of what was supposed to happen. He also approaches the problems we run into when trying to understand Bible topics in neat,

Episode 29: The Story of the Many Who Did Not Listen, and of the Few Who Did
April 03, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Jack sums up the Bible as the story of the many who didn’t listen to God, and of the few who did—some even after having started off as non-listeners. This is timely for the Easter week because Jesus was the one who had been telling humans ...

Episode 28: Why Exaggeration Is Lying, and We Love Our Labels!
March 28, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Jack reads and discusses two related from his blog, concerning how we tend to size things up, both in our own minds, and as we describe them to others. The discussion contains many practical examples from real life,

Episode 27: Some Good Sense about Bible Application
March 28, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Some say things like, “The goal of all good Bible study is application….”, but Jack takes a closer look at that idea, and gets into the nitty gritty of how consistently (or inconsistently) we apply (or don’t apply) various Bible verses.

Episode 26: Liars Are Twisted People
March 25, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Jack reads from a recent blog post about how liars, not being able to twist the reality of things, have to twist themselves in order to pretend that things are different from how they really are.

Episode 25: Whittling Christianity Down to a Twisted Lie
March 20, 2021

DESCRIPTION: What happens when you omit certain teachings from Christianity? You can end up with a big picture that looks very little like what Jesus taught. In this short episode, Jack reads his recent blog post. Text of this Episode …the truth,

Episode 24: There Is No Special Bible for Lazy People.
March 12, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Jack reads from and discusses a two-part article from his blog, concerning how it simply takes work to study the Bible, and how the book, as fabulous as it is, simply wasn’t designed for lazy-minded people.

Episode 23: Our Cognitive Biases, and How They Keep Us from Understanding the Bible Correctly
February 14, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Jack reads from and discusses an article about his observations of various cognitive biases that were in play at the time of the controversial Freddie Gray death in 2015. He details a list of 46 biases he observed in various people of diff...

Episode 22: Jesus’ Resurrection Day Was a Bigger Deal than You May Realize!
February 14, 2021

The mass resurrection of “many holy people” just after Jesus himself was raised. DESCRIPTION: In something of a follow-up to Episode 19 (Hebrews 11), Jack reads and comments on a blog article of his (pasted below from his blog,

Episode 21: What All Has Changed in the Experience of Believers from the First Century Until Now?
February 03, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Continuing on the theme of “abandoned trails”, Jack opens many cans of worms that it’s difficult to get Christians to discuss today. He talks about changes that have occurred in the experience of believers from the First Century to now–and...