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Rethink. The Financial Advisor Podcast

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Are you a Fake Fiduciary with Tom Hegna (Ep 21)
May 11, 2022

Are you a fake Fiduciary?  The word “fiduciary” is thrown around a lot, but are advisors who use it, truly acting as fiduciaries or just marketing it? In this episode, Adam Holt and Derek Notman are j

The Risk of Advisor Complacency Featuring Aaron Klein (Ep. 20)
April 27, 2022

Today’s fintech solutions are improving financial professional productivity by rethinking how they integrate technology available.  And yet, advisors are telling us that they’re using legacy tools tha

Surviving the (Digital) Tsunami With Jason Wenk (Ep. 19)
April 13, 2022

A digital tsunami is coming. This is your warning!  The major changes that are coming to the financial (digital) advisor are going to be disruptive in ways we’ve never seen before. Adam Holt & Derek N

Building a Social Media Following With Devin Banerjee of LinkedIn (Ep. 18)
March 30, 2022

As a financial advisor, does the number of followers you have on social media matter? Well, if you’re trying to grow your advising business, the more people who hear your authentic voice the better, r

Rethinking the Significance of Advice in a Sustainable Sales Practice featuring Joe Jordan (Ep. 17)
March 16, 2022

Market-centric advisory practices are unsustainable. Developing a customer-centric model is therefore imperative to ensure long-term business sustainability. In this episode, Adam Holt & Derek Notman

The “B” in Beta Stands for Behavior With Daniel Crosby (Ep 16)
March 02, 2022

Is it possible that the biggest influence on investor outcomes is their own behavior?  How can advisors quantify and help their clients capitalize on one of the biggest value propositions often unspok

Beyond Fiduciary featuring George Kinder (Ep.15)
February 02, 2022

What do Life Planning and Dream of Freedom have to do with being a Fiduciary?  In this episode, Adam Holt & Derek Notman invite George Kinder into the Rethink Tank to talk about the critical mindset o

14. Rethink: Advisor Bias In Distribution Planning featuring Ramsey Smith
January 19, 2022

The number one goal and pain point addressed by financial professionals is the sustainability of retirement spending.  With all of the effort placed on accumulation funding, the demographics of world

13. Rethink: Attracting Ideal Clients as a Thought Leader
January 05, 2022

Being a thought-leading advisor is simply the way forward to attract the type of client you want to serve (and that wants to work with you). So how do you attract ideal clients as a thought leader? In

12. 10 Things Advisors Shouldn’t Do (Just sayin’)
December 22, 2021

It is the end of the year, so sit back and prepare to laugh out loud and have a little fun with Adam and Derek as they give you 10 things that you absolutely should NOT be doing as an advisor.  In thi