S2 Episode 23 STEPMOM Interview with Mike & Kim Coaching

March 25, 2023

Brenda, and two other Stepmoms were interviewed by Mike and Kim Anderson from Mike and Kim Coaching. This interview brings 3 perspectives of being a stepmom, but yet there is one common thread. Being a woman in a stepfamily can be a hard road. Whether you join with kids or not, having realistic expectations are part of having a successful formula to help you thrive in your stepfamily.

With Tiffany, Stacy and Brenda, you will hear some raw experiences from their own lives and what worked…and what didn’t. We hope you are encouraged.

Brenda is now taking new coaching clients. She specializes in working with women and helping them reach their potential. Whether it’s stepfamily challenges, family concerns or just life circumstances she can help you navigate these seasons with thought provoking questions, and compassion. She’ll make you stop and think and realize you had the answer to what you needed all along. Contact her today at