S2 Episode 7 STEPFAMILY Interview Craig & Gina Morgan, Blended Together

July 01, 2020


S2 Episode 7 STEPFAMILY Interview Craig & Gina Morgan, Blended Together

Another powerful conversation about how to strengthen and protect your marriage and stepfamily. Gil and Brenda interview Craig & Gina Morgan with Blended Together. Married 24 years, they are out of the Dallas, TX area, and share an excerpt from their latest resource, Building Blocks for Making the Family Whole Again. Referencing the wall that Nehemiah built, brings rich nuggets of how we are rebuilding our family. Prayer, time, and having others to help is so important because the opposition will come! Part of the conversation is about how men and women have shared experiences can reveal underlying hurts in a stepfamily. It’s just always nice to hear like-minded people having a raw conversation and encouraging each other! Enjoy!

Action Steps:

1. If your wall is to protect your marriage, what shape is it in?

2. How can you strengthen it?

3. Gil and Brenda have referenced the wall, representing your great marriage. You may have heard this before, but this is a great time to check in with each other again. (Season 1 Episode 1 The Wall podcast)

· Identify what comes against our wall (from the attacks coming from the outside: ex’s, kids, finances, stepkids)

· How are we striving for a great marriage? (not just a good marriage)

· This is what I can do to invest more in our marriage ________.

· What is our vision for our marriage and family? Where are we going?

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