S2 Episode 5 MARRIAGE First Responders & Law Enforcement

May 18, 2020


What can those couples who are in Law Enforcement and First Responders do to protect their marriage and family? What can we (those of us who are not in those fields) do to support them? Gil and Brenda interview a couple, who have been living this journey for over 20 years, 10 of those years on a SWAT team. Gabe and Stacey are very candid about the hardships and realities and the toll it can take on a marriage. They share practical advice to help strengthen a marriage and family who is affected by these professions.

A few takeaways:

To those who are First Responders & in Law Enforcement:

1. Work to understand and educate yourself on the job. Be aware of the biological impacts that affect both physiological and social health – these will indeed impact your family as well.

2. Each person should work to define themselves individually and define their family-outside of the “first responder” identity. Your work should not be your identity.

3. Cultivate friendships outside of the workplace.

4. Faith and family must come before work and hobbies.

5. Surround yourself with pro-marriage and pro-family activities/thoughts


To those who are not in this profession:


1.Make an effort to really reach out to these marriages/families

2. Be flexible with scheduling with activities

3. Include them in normal, fun activities


4. Pray for them!


Book Resource: Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement by Kevin M. Gilmartin, Ph.D


Counselor/Coach, Husband/Wife Team, Marriage Illustrators and Encouragers


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