Restored and Remarried

Restored and Remarried

Episode 47 MARRIAGE Stop the Drift

February 05, 2019

3 Ways to Stop Relational Drift

You may be living parallel lives, on the same page and everything is going well. Yet we all have seasons where we drift from that. Careers, health, focus on our kids and a myriad of other things can pull us away from each other without us even realizing it. Gil and Brenda share 3 common ways drift can happen in a relationship. Luckily, they also offer ways to get back to the dock too!

They’ll be adding action steps at the end of the podcast. Here they are for this episode:

1. Sit down with your spouse/partner.

2. Dividing the page in half (long side) draw a horizontal line from one end to the other. This represents your marriage.

3. Draw a boat on either side of the line (one yours, the other your spouses’/partner) starting from the left.

4. Draw out where your path/direction through your relationship (from beginning to where you are now).

5. Talk about the times you drifted from the marriage line and times that you crossed over or intersected it.

6. These intersections are when you are sharing your worlds and how you compliment one another. How can this happen more? What gets in the



7. How can you say something when you feel like the drift is happening? ie: My boat (the boat) is adrift. The boat has left the dock.


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