Residential Tech Talks

Residential Tech Talks

Episode 47: Thar Casey on Amber Solutions’ Solid-State Control of Electricity

March 30, 2021

In this episode, Residential Tech Today Executive Editor Jeremy Glowacki chats with Thar Casey, the CEO, president, and founder of Amber Solutions. Casey is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with a track record of launching disruptive technologies. His latest venture is creating patented technologies for digital control of electricity in solid-state architecture. The solid-state control of electricity changes the rules of the game for everything – security and control systems, circuit breakers, dimmer switches, outlets, and even appliances. The resulting products could offer breakthroughs for increased safety and reliability within electrical infrastructure, widespread and endpoint-specific energy monitoring, and greatly expanded Internet of Things (IoT) integration. All of this functionality arises from the ability to install solid-state solutions built in the existing walls of buildings.

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