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Cattle Mutilations: Aliens, Government Ops, or Satanic Cults? - RF065

June 18, 2024

This is Renegade Files Episode 65, Cattle Mutilations: Aliens, Government Ops, or Satanic Cults?


Graphic Content Warning: This subject deals with farm animals that have been discovered in various states of injury. As such, some of the descriptions are graphic and may be disturbing to young or sensitive listeners and out of respect for you, I just wanted to give you that information. As always, I’ll stick to the facts, but in this case, some of those facts deal with brutality perpetrated on innocent creatures. If that’s not for you I understand. But if your curiosity on the topic warrants a dive into the subject, then come with me.


Who or what is doing these things to these farm animals is the mystery here.

There are many theories but few absolute answers, so that’s where we come in.


In broad terms, a livestock mutilation is an incident of physical harm done to a farm animal. As far back as 1545 there was a rash of violence perpetrated against livestock in the United Kingdom, that resulted in the tongues of horses and cattle being cut out.


And there are other stories of farm animals being messed with over the centuries, by sick vandals, hungry coyotes, or wolves. But usually those kinds of crimes leave tell-tale clues: teeth marks, blood, torn flesh, and footprints.


But as we moved into the modern era these farm animal crimes began to take a mysterious turn. The animals targeted became almost exclusively cattle, the body parts became increasingly specific, and the methods grew far beyond the unexplained, and into the downright impossible.


Then, starting in the late 60s, peaking across the 70s, and continuing to the present day, we find reports of unexplained livestock mutilations where the crime scenes defy logic, lack traditional evidence, and seem to feature animal victims with wounds of surgical precision, bizarre missing body parts, and theories that run the conspiracy theory gamut.


This is a big one. A deep dive with a lot to explore here. And by the end, you may never drive past a cow pasture and look at it quite the same.


On this episode we get weird and dive into the unexplained phenomenon of Cattle Mutilations: Aliens, Government Ops, or Satanic Cults?




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