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Renegade Files

Propaganda - RF063

April 29, 2024

This is Renegade Files Episode 63, Propaganda.


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Propaganda is a subject we’ve touched upon in a few previous episodes, partly because the word so easily arises in conversations about the mainstream media, government coverups, and conspiracies in general.


But Propaganda is also a word that gets thrown around a lot, and it’s often used as a synonym for fake news, media spin, or political posturing. Because of this tendency to so quickly draw upon the term, it’s also a word that’s often either misunderstood, or at least not understood completely.


Today we dig deep into the origins and background of helpful communication’s evil twin, a twin that seeks a far more sinister outcome than simple falsehood or casual trickery. Propaganda is concerned with manipulating your viewpoints, opinions, and steering your actions and make no mistake about it, the method is alive and well. Some would say fully victorious.


On this episode of Renegade Files we go bravely into the cloak and dagger worlds of Propaganda.


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