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Physics Rebel Nassim Haramein: Unlimited Energy + Unified Harmonics - RF062

April 20, 2024

This is Renegade Files Episode 62, Physics Rebel Nassim Haramein: Unlimited Energy and Unified Harmonics.


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Imagine a world where all things interact harmoniously, and unlimited, free energy is tapped from the Universe without oil, batteries, pollution, or wars over resources. A world where our time and efforts are focused on learning, growing, healing, helping, and thriving. Where there is more than enough of everything and people are free to pursue their livelihoods, passions, and live curious enthusiastic lives. In the early 1950s this was the promise of science.


Cutting edge physicists have long searched for a unified theory that could unite the worlds of the quantum with the cosmos. On this episode of Renegade Files we will dive into this cutting edge world and explore the theories of Unified Harmonics and Energy within the Vacuum as explained by Nassim Haramein.


This episode contains ground-breaking discoveries and ideas about energy that could very well save the world. These are enormous concepts, but they’re also elegant and harmonious, and easy to understand when explored in a logical progression of context. These are realizations that may very well deliver the clean productive and pleasant future we all know is within our collective power to achieve.


So put on your white lab coat and your mad-scientist glasses. Set the flux capacitor to Ludicrous Speed, and come with me as we explore the cutting edge science of Physics Rebel Nassim Haramein’s Unlimited Energy and Unified Harmonics.


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